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captioned by the national captioning institute >> breaking news of greenbelt, where one person is dead and two others injured after a town
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house fire. we are there now, live. what is the latest? >> the fire is under control. as you mentioned, one person has died. we are learning that is an elderly woman who lived in the residents along with two other folks who were able to make it outside, with smoke and burn injuries. those folks were taken to a burn unit at a local hospital. the fire started at around 9:00 this evening, here in greenbelt. the fire spread from the first floor to the attic. firefighters say this was tough to fight, because the homes here are built so close together. after talking to many neighbors all of them said that when one of their neighbors is dead. >> i came outside. there was a guy lying on the ground. and the nurse who was there.
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>> we understand police investigators are on the scene. anytime there is a fatality, the have to investigate to make sure everything is ok. back to you. >> return to the weather. storms headed this way. when will it start, and what will it bring? for those answers we turn to our senior meteorologist. >> it is going to be a quick mover. here is what is going on. you see the area of to our north, a bit of light snow. here is the other. that is the area that will become a more significant storm off the coast of north carolina but then racing out to the east as we get into tomorrow afternoon. all of this week, no big deal. nbd kind of storm. in quickly, and out of here.
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there is officially winter weather advisories. no winter storm warnings. there maybe an inch or two of snow in the northern severance -- suburbs. i think it is less than a chance we will see our first inch of snow here in washington. a bit of a winter wheat mix. -- a winterly next but like your neighborhood laundry, he and by 4:00, up by 5:00. >> road crews are preparing the roads for the snow and slush expected tomorrow. we are live in leesburg. >> this is east market street, one of the main drags in leesburg. this was pre treated many hours ago, folks, bracing for the storm. traces of wednesday's snowstorm still lies the streets. >> i try not to drive around.
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>> snowplows stand ready. >> the storm is how and where -- hard to predict. >> this is the moment before the storm. >> once we start tracking, we will go to the bridges the ramps. >> and for much of friday, road crews have been pre-treating with salt water. >> the goal of the brine is to keep the snow and ice from binding to the pavement. >> the last time it snowed was the first time i ever grow in the snow. -- drove in t he snow. >> they are bracing for one more go around of winter white. >> i just take it real slow. it is slippery, so i take it real slow. >> many drivers about to be extra cautious. >> there were many accidents i heard about. people were driving too fast, not paying attention. >> this year, the dot is experimenting with pine tar. -- vdot is experimenting with
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pine tar. mother nature is back for one more round. >> hopefully, the weather can stay calm enough. >> there will be an army of trucks and plows to do with the storm. about 2400 statewide in in the district. these crews will be ready by early in the morning. abc 7. >> if nothing else, it sounds like our cars are going to be a mess. our sister station will have extended coverage starting tomorrow at 6:30 a.m., so tune in all day for updates. the tension on capitol hill is growing as we move closer to the fiscal cliff. president obama met with congressional leaders and bluntly spoke to the nation about what he says must happen before jury one. on capitol hill, what went on behind closed doors today? >> there is still a lot of work to be done by the folks who
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worked in the building behind me in order to avoid big tax increases, and also a big spending cuts. the countdown is on. three days, zero hours, 54 minutes. we are hearing words of optimism, but also concern. at a press conference, the president said ordinary americans can sort through disagreements. >> the notion that our elected leadership cannot do the same thing is mind-boggling to me. it needs to stop. >> if they come to a good deal, not just one that is forced -- >> of the white house christmas tree a short distance from where the president met with congress, both local residents and people from all over the country -- >> it would be nice if the king to a compromise. >> gave us their take. many worry about the tax increases that could kick in. and they are angry we are four days a out with no deal.
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>> it is ridiculous. this is a necessary. >> while the republican senate minority leader is staying positive the democratic senate majority leader warns -- >> whatever we come up with is going to be imperfect and some people are not going to like it. >> the president says if a big deal cannot be reached, he wants at least a smaller deal to keep middle-class taxes from going up and to extend unemployment benefits. >> at this point, i just hope they get something done. >> click on need to come together and come to an agreement. both sides are at fault. >> reitman, this is the plan for the weekend. the senate plans to go into recess tomorrow so staff members can work on a deal. on sunday, the senate and possibly the house will reconvene and maybe vote on the bill either that day or on monday. the deadline is basically monday night at midnight, when we go
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over into the new year. ups said the capital, abc 7 news. -- outside the capital, abc 7 news. >> if the deal is struck, we will bring it to you here and on line. the developing story from the district. police are asking for how to identifying the persons of interest seen in this surveillance video. police say the people here could be connected to the murder of a 28-year-old on christmas eve. he was robbed and shot 11 times as he was parking his car and truck to fill. witnesses saw two people why his car who fled after the gunfire. a pedestrian is in critical condition after being struck on new york ave. the victims suffered an injury to the head. the drivers stayed on scene. no word on whether that person is facing charges. police shut down new york avenue in both directions for a
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few hours to investigate, but the road is stuck open. coming up, why this woman has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of two firefighters, even though she did not pull the trigger. >> i felt like i walked a little taller. >> they are about to walk down an aisle. why this new year's day is even more special for this maryland couple. if you want to see a movie this weekend, this is what to
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, with leon harris. on your side. >> the number of the convicted felon who ambushed and killed two firefighters in upstate new york on christmas eve is under arrest. she bought a semi-automatic
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rifle and shotgun at a sporting goods store for william spangler in 2010, but lied, saying she was going to be the legal owner. the man set a fire and use the guns to shoot the first firefighters who arrived on scene. he then killed himself. the woman faces 10 years in prison if convicted. the gun show had its biggest turnout ever in chantilly today. it is the biggest gun show on the east coast. sales of assault rifles and ammunition have never been better. many of the people attending said they are purchasing guns now, before congress and bans assault rifles in the wake of the new town shootings. a $60 billion relief package approved for victims of hurricane sandy pass 62-32 in the senate. its fate in the senate -- in the house remains uncertain. republicans have criticized the bill for including projects they
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say are unrelated to hurricane sandy, such as $150 million for fisheries disasters. coming up, it is a clear night but things will be changing soon. the "storm watch forecast. plus what this unsuspecting virginia woman got instead of an ipad.
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>> new at 11:00, same-sex couples in maryland are counting down the hours to the new year, when they will legally be allowed to marry. we talked to a silver spring couple about their plans and why the law means so much to them. >> days away from the data have been waiting for since they met. -- the day they have been waiting for since they met. they will be one of the first couple's to wed with me same-sex marriage law takes effect new year's day. the couple will be on the eastern shore to exchange bows.
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>> we, were part of a pioneer of movement, just like the suffragettes. >> they will be wearing matching, tuxedos, nicely pressed. in the top things off with a manicure and pedicure. their union will be a marriage, not a civil union. >> there is something deeper, spiritually. >> you are married when it is legitimized by your friends your family, and your country. >> the day after the law passed, early november, i felt a lift. i felt like and walked a little bit taller that day. >> it is a feeling of legitimacy they have been hoping would come for 59 years. the couple, who met at a country band car, say there is no better place to exchange vows than a state that recognizes
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their marriage. >> the best movies of 2012 that you need to put on your list. >> you do not think it will be something big, do you? >> it has been for years. you and me have been together 27 years. where is my ring? >> "ted" was the funniest. "silver linings playbook" is the romance. wait until you see "0 dark 30." finally, "lincoln" turns history into a story for our time. have a great weekend. >> you are watching the skies for us. >> entertainment tomorrow?
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and, for snow lovers, maybe but it does not look for it. >> the could be entertaining. >> travel was important. outside, here is what has been going on. it was a great night before the clouds came in to see our 1 day old full moon. our temperature outside -- that is the full moon as we are heading into late december january. 38 degrees. our average december snowfall is about 2.5 inches. we have had a grand total of 0.2 inches. we have a little storm tomorrow. there is going to be more cold air coming in. some of the coldest air is not in alaska. it moved to the northern plains. here is the next little ripple in the atmosphere. that is the pattern.
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eventually, but will become a bit of storm to our south. once it moves off the carolina coast, it will take all the moisture away. here is the time line. 1:00 in the morning, with a little bit of snow moving into west virginia. folks around gaithersburg, upper parts of montgomery county, a 4:00 tomorrow morning snow starting to come out of the shenandoah valley, so around winchester, early risers will see a bit of snow. southeasterly winds, for you folks in charles county, spots like that, even early in the morning, it will be a sloppy mess. some wet snowflakes. a bit of rain. as we go to the day tomorrow, because of the south easterly wind, and not a lot of cold air coming in, that storm reforming to our south. it will be a rain producer. rain around washington.
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and continuing with snow for you folks -- you know where you live. upper parts of montgomery county out toward the shenandoah valley, toward leesburg. it will be more than likely smoke, he but mixing with some sleet, -- more than likely snow but mixing with some sleep. by 3:00, 4:00, it is essentially out of here. an inch on some grassy areas even in northwest washington. gaithersburg germantown, out toward manassas, maybe an inch or two. even there, there will be some mix coming in. snow lovers in st. mary's county, not tomorrow. there will be snow coming, but not tomorrow. snow showers, changing to a mix as we go through tomorrow. anything will be really wet. it moves out of here.
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cold air comes in on sunday and continues into the new year. no sign of any real big storm we have to worry about. if you are with tim it is good. >> you ever see tim brant in a park of? -- parka? >> he is now the junior meteorologist here. you think the weather will be good? >> cold weather game for the cowboys. put on the cold weather gear, and get it on. santana moss
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> everybody knows by now the redskins-cowboys game is for the whole ball of wax. it is what you dream of as a
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competitor, winner-take-all. football in washington is relevant again, but the redskins are a young football team. its best players are rookies. experience will count a little extra in a game like this. that is why it is so important to have high time tested veterans. >> we were able to do what we did because we had the opportunity. an opportunity strikes and you have a chance, take a vintage of it. that is what we have been doing for the last six weeks. that is what we plan on doing going out and taking care of it the way it comes to us. >> what a great scene that will be on sunday. virginia tech played rutgers in the russell athletic ball. it was a sloppy offensive but tenaciously defensive ball game. watch logan thomas. fuller lays it in there. touchdown.
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they beat the rutgers in overtime. 20 straight bowl games for the coach. nice win tonight for virginia tech. cgi of. it is friday, and the wizards get their fourth win of the year. the wizards got a standing ovation from fans at verizon. washington snapped an eight game losing streak. crawford came off the bench to win 37. the wizards played tough defense, rebound well. the wizards, the orlando 105-97. in florida, how about this guy? he is 10 years old and plays varsity basketball. keep an eye on number four. the little guy can shoot. this is not a joke. he plays for a private school, not governed by florida high school athletic association rules.
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his dad is the coach, and crazy as it is, the kid can flat out and play. there may be a little hockey after all. the nhl has upped its offer to the players association for the first time in a month. they have been steadfast at keeping players contracts to five years. they have upped it to 6, 7 if you own a player. the ready to go. the nhl may be going back to work. >> show me that video again. is it not unbelievable? >> if he played here, he would be five rows up. she got an ipod for christmas but that is not
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>> a virginia woman got an unwelcome who surprise. instead of an ipad, a box full of notepads. she took the box back to walmart and after arm-twisting got a new ipad. there have apparently been other switches acros
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>> first snowflakes beginning to show up in the mountains of west virginia by tomorrow morning. light snow, spreads in on us.
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the dreaded winter remix. -- wintery mix.
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